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Up Racking System


The Up Racking System features a multi – dimensional design using a combination of conveyors, which allows operators to use vertical space for increased efficiency, and smooth movement of the wares through the system.

The powered roller conveyor and gravity roller conveyor automatically feed loaded dishracks into dishwasher when the gate is in down position.

The slat belt accumulation conveyor moves stacks of sorted dishes from scrapping line to dishwasher loading position.

The operator loads the dishware into the dishmachine when the gate is in the upright position.

With a traditional system, the operators are boxedin, wares have to be manually transferred to bussing conveyor, causing a lot of operator movement.

The breakdown areas of an Aerowerks up-racking system allow operators to work on several levels. They accomplish more in a concentrated area, savings time and labour.

A lift gate on an up-racking system gives the operator maximum control. Lowered, glass/cup racks automatically load into the warewasher. Raised, glass/cup racks accumulate for later loading; or stacked ware arriving on the slat belt conveyor can be manually loaded.

The optional plate wash speeds scrapping. The spray can run continuously or in a "sensor" mode with adjustable run time for each activation.

A remote panel allows the operator to activate the power rollers and accumulating conveyor for increased control flexibility.

It takes minimal effort and time to keep an Aerowerks conveyor clean, which is a key to its cost savings. All of the components are designed to make the cleanup job simple. The conveyors and roller assemblies easily lift up or out to allow quick wipe down, and all other parts of the system simply hose down. Part of the cleanup job is accomplished automatically. Slat belt conveyors virtually clean themselves with a belt wash system.

On its return track, the slat belt conveyor passes under water sprays which wash scraps into a scrap basket. It also rides on a thin layer of water and detergent, virtually cleaning itself.

Breakdown area is sloped for better draining of water and debris into the trough. Trough roller assemblies and plate ledges remove easily for cleaning and wipe-down.

Aerowerks unique slat belt conveyor lifts out easily at any point even in curves, for simple clean up. The slats are designed with a tapered plane to minimize trapping of food.

A conveniently located washdown station with heavy duty hose and spray nozzle makes cleanup easy.

The ergonomic design of an Aerowerks Up rack system minimizes employee movement.

An Aerowerks System goes beyond what others can offer to make your dishroom operation run as efficiently, economically and hygienically as possible.

A great deal of planning goes into the design of every dishroom. each individual operation.