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Space Miser Tray Accumulator

The 30" slim profile can fit within existing belt style return areas. Ideal for trayless and medium volume applications


Double the accumulation within the same footprint when compared to a traditional tray belt return system.Ideal for long narrow tray return areas: maximing accumulation.Ideal for dishrooms with offset from cafeteria.Increases accumulation while saving construction costs.

The spaceMiser can be incorporated to a custom soiled dishtable, making the tray return and stripping and sorting more efficient.

Below the SapceMiser is a custom soiled dishtable, using a twin slat belt conveyor to carry loaded dishracks and dishware to the load end of the flight type dishmachine..

Removable tray ladders and carriers for easy maintenance, replacement and cleaning.

Sample layout of a SpaceMiser System

An Aerowerks System goes beyond what others can offer to make your dishroom operation run as efficiently, economically and hygienically as possible.

A great deal of planning goes into the design of every dishroom. each individual operation.